November 8, 2017

November update 2017

Vacuum EMS660A busy time at EMS Physio

Shockwave offer extended

We couldn’t have had a busier October if we tried here at EMS Physio with a deluge of enquiries for our Zimmer En Puls Shockwave unit we have been allowed to extend this offer until the end of November whilst stocks last. We’ve been incredibly proud to have the highest spec/lowest priced Shockwave unit on the market and sales have reflected this. If you would like to talk to one of our team about Shockwave CLICK HERE


Ultrasound Offer

We are adding to our UK offering this month with a great price on our EMS460 Dual frequency Ultrasound unit. Own a quality, branded EMS Ultrasound unit, from a name you can trust. We always offer our units on a 30 sale or return basis and if you are not happy with the quality and wish to return the unit in as close to an unused condition as you can, then we will refund you. My mother always says “Buy cheap, buy twice” and sadly due to the range of lower budget type units available on the market we do hear quite often, tales of burned out units that have not stood up to the rigours of use in daily clinic life.  Calibrated and time served, the EMS 460 is the professionals choice when buying quality that will last for years to come.

Ultrasound therapy unit including VAT and carriage for under £850 CLICK HERE

Vacuum – the new EMS 660

In addition to the above, we are also launching our Vacuum EMS660 unit which will be showcased at Medica this month. The price of this unit has come down from £1795 to an affordable £995 but with enhancements to the specification making it the best accessory for your Stimulation/Interferential units. The neat design means it sits snugly underneath your Primo unit and not only looks good but performs well with the NEW independent cup suction capability which many of you had requested. Visit the EMS660 page here 


Medica 2017 – book now

For those of you heading to Medica this year, book ahead if you’d like an appointment with James, Dinesh or Mike as slots are getting booked up fast.Medica 2017 EMS Physio


written by Annie Lewis – Internal Sales Manager

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