December 6, 2017

Shockwave therapy – modality of the moment

Shockwave Therapy

A sought after therapy by patients across the UK – Shockwave therapy is the modality of the moment

shockwave therapy from EMS PHYSIO

Shockwave Therapy is fast becoming the most popular and sought after modality and with the backing of clinical evidence from NICE more and more clinics are buying, or leasing to own, the Zimmmer En Puls Shockwave unit. With each sale comes a good level of interaction with our customers and Roy Bennett has been busy providing familiarisation training for therapists using the unit. Meanwhile back in the office Annie Lewis has been providing marketing materials to support clinics and processing the lease and sales.

EMS PHYSIO remains proud of our association with Professor Tim Watson who manages the electrophysical forum. Roy and Annie have mentioned this forum to many of our customers to encourage them to sign up and chat with the experts.

The Electrophysical Forum aims to provide an interactive platform for questions, comments, discussion and opinion related to the use of Electro Physical modalities in therapy. It is supported by an Internationally renowned expert panel and a broad sphere of clinicians, researchers, educators and students. Active participation is welcomed.

 You can own a Shockwave Therapy unit for as little as £44 per week via our lease purchase option and own the equipment at the end of the term.

It’s a myth that leasing is a ‘waste of money’ as typically for less than one of the monthly payments at the end of the term you can buy the equipment outright. Consumables are very affordable for this unit and the beauty of the electromagnetic shockwave generator means that there is no bulky compressor to move about.

To chat to Roy or Annie about owning a unit please just pick up the phone and dial 01235 772272 or email -we’re ready to answer your questions and help you buy this unit.

Shockwave Therapy charges vary from clinic to clinic  up and down the country

We have discovered a range of prices for shockwave therapy treatment from £60-80 in the North, £120 down in Cornwall and up to £200 per treatment nearer to London. It doesn’t take much to work out that the cost of just ONE SHOCKWAVE TREATMENT is less than the cost of the lease per week. 

Take a look at the unit specification by clicking here.

And finally, everyone likes something FREE so here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of some new protocols for shockwave therapy from the equipment manufacturers

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