January 25, 2018

Introducing the Pelvitone EMG560

The Pelvitone EMG560 a Neurotrac  device from EMS Physio Ltd


New years resolutions

Some new years resolutions are more difficult to keep and maintain.

Annie Lewis – UK Sales & Marketing for EMS Physio Ltd

I was recently sat with a group of friends on a social evening and ‘giggles and a glass of wine’ led to honesty among our group about UI which for most holds some shame and embarrassment. Some of them had vowed to do more kegler exercises this year and stick with the regime of remembering to actually do them. I mentioned the EMS Neurotrac Pelvitone EMG560 device and they all agreed that if they had such a unit and an 8-week program to follow that they would be more likely to stick with the routine. WINNER!

There is a little more information here on another page which includes a download to treatment protocols as well as further product information. If this is not relevant to you then you might be kind enough to share it with someone who can relate to this problem.

Physios and therapists are good people and I like doing my job because of this – thank you.

Happy new year to you all,

Annie UK Sales  


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