March 20, 2019

Cheap Shockwave Therapy Unit

Are you on the lookout for a cheap shockwave therapy unit?

Well, don’t come to EMS PHYSIO LTD then!

We have been truly surprised by the pursuit of some therapists looking for ‘cheap shockwave therapy unit’ solutions and for many who decide to buy based on price alone they will sadly get exactly what they paid for.

Some of the risks involved in online sales via sites such as DHGate, Alibaba, eBay and Amazon are obvious such as ‘will you actually get the product in the first place and not get scammed’. The Money Advice Service has this advice about shopping and paying safely online CLICK HERE, but let’s talk about the actual product itself.

Mystery shoppping

I visited a therapy equipment website in the USA as a mystery shopper and joined the online chat advice line and asked if the product was CE marked. The assistant didn’t know and had to ask the warehouse (they were closed). This is a unique selling point and one that should stand out as a feature and at almost £4k I would have thought would have been a well-known piece of product knowledge for anyone selling it. I took a look at this product as it closely matched the features of the shockwave device that we sell. I believe that, reading between the lines and the use of the word ‘customer’ instead of a therapist,  that this is a home use device now commonly sold and used to treat ED. Daily our website and contact page are deluged with ‘customers’ asking to buy our unit for use at home which we have decided is not an ethical sale as the end user may cause themselves more harm than good with improper use.  It’s sad to see these cheap Shockwave Therapy units that should only be used in an MSK context being promoted for use to treat delicate Genitourinary conditions such as ED. I also visited a Chinese seller site and was equally dismayed at the lack of product information. All they wanted was my money with no reassurance of validity and reliability of the product or after-sales support.

To ensure you are buying a quality manufactured product first find out about the reliability and branding of the manufacturer. Find out if you can get post-sales support in terms of warranty and/or repair. If your product is from overseas you may end up spending far more than you originally thought with import taxes and shipping and the cost of sending the unit away if repairs are required could also eat away at your budgets.

Buy from a trusted source

At EMS PHYSIO LTD we are very proud of our brand integrity and our own reliability, service and expertise will come at a certain price. Our Shockwave Therapy device, the Zimmer En Puls,  is German manufactured and we have a long lasting and solid relationship with Zimmer as a trusted distributor here in the UK. We have successfully placed many of these units into clinics up and down the Country and as a device recognised by insurers that and customers to clinics offering Shockwave Therapy for their patients the unit has proved its reliability and credibility. EMS PHYSIO offers full after sales support as well as a full range of spares.

Buy cheap, buy twice

The old adage “Buy cheap, buy twice” certainly resonates with this topic and we urge buyers to cautious and sure of what they are actually buying, where they are buying it from and what the long term cost of a bad purchase decision will turn out like.



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written by Annie Lewis, Sales and Marketing manager for EMS PHYSIO LTD

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