April 2, 2019

EMS Physio Equipment Service

EMS Physio Equipment Service

When the time comes around for organising your electrotherapy equipment service for your clinic/hospital, University or sports club etc, don’t forget that in addition to EMS Physio being the UK’s foremost electrotherapy manufacturer, we also have an unrivalled and dedicated Equipment Service Department.

Our team of factory and strategically placed field support staff are able to quickly respond to your equipment service requirements, not restricted to supporting our own range of quality electrotherapy equipment, treatment couches and rehabilitation equipment, other manufacturers products can also be serviced by one of our factory trained Field Service Engineers. When you have paid good money to buy the best equipment, it only seems natural to want the best ongoing maintenance for it.

EMS Physio equipment service

It doesn’t cost the earth either, contact us for an equipment service quotation by calling us directly on 01235 772272, or email the service team by clicking here

We have a knowledgebase article about our service provision CLICK HERE and you will be surprised how reasonable and competitive our equipment service pricing rates are.

We can help you get the same first-class treatment for your equipment that you offer to your patients!

As a previous member of our Service Team, I can proudly stand by our committed team members and would recommend you get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

EMS Physio is a family owned company, established for nearly 100 years and we pride ourselves in offering the best all-round solution for your needs, the sale is just the start of your journey with us.

Contact Us for a quotation today via our contact us page and we will get right back to you

written by Roy Bennett, National Account manager


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