September 23, 2019

EMS Physio – trade in offer

Therasonic 1032 EMS PHYSIO

Over the years, working for EMS Physio Ltd, I have seen many changes in the technology involved in manufacturing the best electrotherapy equipment available. When I started with the company over 30 years ago, we had the Therasonic 1032 dual-frequency ultrasound unit that boasted a contact monitor circuit that “beeped” when the therapist lost contact with the transducer and the patient and prompted a quick application of more ultrasound coupling medium. It was the first time many had seen this kind of technology on an ultrasound unit and many realised that their transducer technique required fine-tuning (as well as coupling gel sales being very buoyant for us during this time!)

Some of these units are still out there in daily use, that’s a testament to the durability of our equipment although you could get £100.00 minimum trade-in on a brand new Primo Therasonic 460 with full-colour touch screen technology, a programmable memory, evidence-based treatment Protocols and a dose algorithm. This way, you get the precise ultrasound output required for the condition treated, brought to you in conjunction with Professor Tim Watson.





During the early 1990’s we developed the EMS 450, 750, 850 and 950 and Medi-Link range. The Combination 850 in particular, was a fully portable unit that was our first venture into combining two therapies (ultrasound and interferential) into one small housing along with a battery option. This made the Combination 850 our biggest seller of the time as it allowed therapists to treat patients anywhere, without the need for mains electricity.





Primo Combination 860

Nowadays, the Primo Combination 860 takes all this in its stride, with all the benefits of the Primo Therasonic 460 along with a fully functional stimulatory currents that include interferential (2 and 4 pole with treatment protocols), Diadynamic, TENs, Sinusoidal, Galvanic and interrupted galvanic, Faradic, Trabert, Medi-Wave, Russian & Microcurrent output, NMES. All this, plus combination therapy itself (a diagnostic feature to help locate difficult to pinpoint lesions), makes the Primo Combination 860 stand out from the crowd in this field. At least £100.00 trade-in for your old unit would make this the best time to upgrade to brand new technology!




The later introduction of our SoLo range (early 2000’s) and Primo Mk 1 collection (2010), covers 30 years of developments at EMS Physio Ltd. Act now to upgrade and get in touch with us to get a price for upgrading to the best out there for your electrotherapy needs, along with unrivalled after-sales support from a company that continues to put our customers first in this ever-changing world!



This months BLOG POST written by Roy Bennett, National Account manager who we welcome back after a period of illness.

It’s great to have you back Roy!- Annie, Internal Sales Manager UK



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