August 14, 2020

August 2020 news from EMS Physio

During 2020 Covid19 has affected everyone on the planet in some way or another and is certainly something which will provide a common theme in all our lives.  One of the few ‘upsides’ would be that it unites everyone in that shared common experience regardless of race, sex, geography and age.  We have to hope that it can break down some of the barriers which seem to be emerging in recent years.

In the UK, we all continue to live with the threat of covid19 and our earlier expectations of it being a short-lived outbreak continue to evolve into something more long term.  I hope we all stay safe, well and sane wherever you are in the world.

Life here at EMS Physio is not exactly ‘back to normal’, but has now evolved into something which is closer to a new, medium-term ‘normal’.

Our sales and service team is now fully functional and we are open for business, to deal with your enquiries, sales and service needs.  Cathy, Annie and Roy continue to lead our drive for greater and better sales in the UK and across the globe.  Dean, Phil and Martin are now able to visit our UK customer sites for servicing and repairs. Ashanthi and Carly are back in the office to ensure the orders are booked, the invoices issued and keep us all in order!

We are continuing to develop new products with our development engineers and we continue to have a fully functioning QA system in place overseeing and supporting our CE-marked and FDA-approved product line.

Where we differ is our manufacturing facility continues to operate but with fewer members of staff at the moment.  However as the weeks progress we expect that to become fully functional again.

It seems most of the major exhibitions around the world (Medica and Arab Health in particular) will be significantly affected so we must wait until mid-2021 before we can plan to meet once again as a family of global dealers at such events.  Arab Health 2021 will be moved to June from its usual January date.  Medica is still planning to go ahead but with a very different offering.  I’m certain that the dates will be moved from November 2020, given what is happening in Europe at the moment with Covid19.  We will keep you informed.

This is an experience for EMS Physio which is unprecedented in our 96 year history.  However I have every confidence we will get through this crisis as we have strong reserves, we have an experienced and loyal team of staff who are committed to the needs of the business and of course we have the loyalty of our customers and the strength of our core brand values.  Together we will emerge through this crisis and as such be stronger and more focussed than before.

Keep safe, keep well and keep sane.

by James Greenham MD

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