July 14, 2022

July news from Roy Bennett


On Tuesday this week, I visited Improve International at their training facility in Swindon, showcasing our UK-manufactured electrotherapy equipment to the Veterinary Nurse Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation course students.


It was great to be with tomorrow’s generation of Animal Therapists discussing the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound, various NMES and pain relief modalities (including Interferential and Medi Wave)…and actually trying out the treatments themselves on our best-selling Primo Combination 860


On the subject of tomorrow’s generation of therapists, this is the time of year that Universities start planning their equipment requirements, last year at this time we saw unprecedented demand that meant setbacks with meeting our normal delivery schedules. All is looking pretty good at the moment with the supply chain although once Universities get their wish lists together for the new autumn semester, it is usually August/September time and this is when the supply chain delays really start to build up. So our message is to get your enquiries in early this year to avoid any delays!

All the best and try to keep cool in the heat!

Roy Bennett- National Account Manager



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