Physio Friends

Our Physio Friends.

From time to time we connect with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Vet Physios, Distributors, and Sports Massage therapists who go the extra mile to advise, support, and work with our development team, our sales team, or our service teams.

This type of networking, collaboration, and support is welcomed so if you have an idea for a product, use our products and believe you have an idea for improvement, or if you have a networking event that we could collaborate and engage with then please get in touch with us and become a Physio Friend via our Contact Form 

Below are some of the Physio Friends that we connect with within our world of Electrotherapy and Physiotherapy Supplies for sales, service, and training


Flex Physiotherapy Practice – Tom Jacobs

We wish to thank Tom Jacobs of Flex Physiotherapy for taking part as a qualified specialist in the webinar q & a session about Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis.

Offering video link consultations and professional physiotherapy advice the FLEX PHYSIOTHERAPY practice in Didcot, Oxfordshire is one of the leading clinics in the area.





Professor Tim Watson

You will find the knowledge of Tim Watson in every one of our Primo units EMS960, EMS970, EMS860 as the treatment protocol suggestions are from him! We always remain grateful for his knowledge and support of EM Physio Ltd.

His own website is – Professor Tim Watson website for everything #electrotherapy!

And he also manages the Electrophysical Forum

The Electrophysical Forum aims to provide an interactive platform for questions, comments, discussion, and opinion related to the use of Electro Physical modalities in therapy. It is supported by an Internationally renowned expert panel and a broad sphere of clinicians, researchers, educators, and students. Active participation is welcomed. Sign up to start posting >>>



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