Discontinued products 2020

The following EMS Physio products (and related accessories) have been discontinued since
2011. There is very limited availability of spare parts for the products listed below.

EMS355 Solo – Single frequency ultrasound
EMS455 Solo – Dual-frequency ultrasound
EMS955 Solo – Interferential
EMS965 Solo – Multidyne
EMS855 Solo – Combination
ML9000 Medilink – Control module
ML9110 Medilink – Ultrasound module
ML9310 Medilink – Stimulation module
ML9320 Medilink – Mediwave module
ML9410 Medilink – Interferential module
ML9610 Medilink – Pulsed shortwave module
ML9710 Medilink – EMG module
ML9810 Medilink – Laser module

The EMS755 laser was discontinued in 2017. There is limited availability of spare parts.

The current PRIMO range of products (EMS3601/460/860/960/970) has been revised and
updated on two significant occasions. There is now limited availability of spare parts to support
any PRIMO devices manufactured before 2012.

The original PRIMO ultrasound transducer PMA9120 was discontinued in 2012 and can no longer
be fully supported due to the availability of spare parts.

EMS Physio shall continue to offer technical support and advice but cannot guarantee to fully
support these products in cases of component obsolescence.


Please read the official notification here: Discontinued Product Notice 2020

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