Shockwave – servicing and parts

Servicing of the shockwave unit

Servicing or maintenance is not needed for this equipment. You only replace the applicator tip and silicone cap as required.

The user should inspect these visually and monitor and wear.

Always use the silicone cap and clean the inside of the handpiece with a cotton tab from time to time.

They are consumable parts and have to be replaced with the beginning of any small damage at the tip of the screw in applicator tip.

The shockwave generator inside the handpiece has warranty time of 2,000,000 shocks, but if you take care of using the handpiece always with a silicone cap, cleaning sometimes inside with a cotton stick and changing the applicator tip regularly the shockwave generator will reach 3-4 million and more shocks before any signs of degradation. That works out on average 1000/1500 treatments.


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