Shortwave Therapy – Intended application

EMS 265 Pulsed and continuous shortwaveShortwave Therapy – Intended application

The EMS265 produces pulsed and/or continuous shortwave outputs. The patient interface is by appropriate applicator or electrode. The choice of electrode will largely depend upon the body part to be treated.
The device is non-invasive and non-sterile and is intended for repeated use with multiple patients, following suitable cleaning of the applied part between treatments. The electrodes do not actually need to contact the patient and effective treatment can be achieved 10-20mm away from the skin.
Treatment time is typically 5 – 30 minutes. (EN 60601-2-3 limits the treatment time to a maximum of 30 minutes)
The EMS265 is the latest in a series of shortwave therapy devices manufactured by EMS Physio over the last 30 -40 years.
The EMS265 replaced the previous model 59 “Megapulse Senior” in 2006. Approximately 700 units have since been sold and are in regular use. Previously, the Megapulse Senior was in production for approximately 16 years, during which time approximately 660 units were sold.

The intended use of the EMS265 remains unchanged from the Megapulse Senior – the main purpose for the design change is to modernise the basic design, deal with some component obsolescence and update the user interface. The therapeutic outputs remain similar to previous models but the user interface has changed from pushbutton/LED to full-colour TFT capacitive touch screen.
All radio frequencies in the range of 10-100MHz are called shortwave and because the devicefor producing therapeutic heating is in this range it is called “shortwave diathermy”. The first part of the name “radio frequencies” is misleading as the radiations are largely irrelevant to the therapy. It is the high-frequency oscillating currents generated in the tissues that cause the heating.

Diathermy comes from the Greek meaning “through heating”.

The frequency of27.12 MHz is the most widely used because it has the widest frequency band and the extent to which it is allowed to drift is much greater than other frequencies.
The output power from the machine is pulsed so that the on time is significantly shorter than the off time, thus the mean power delivered to the patient is relatively low even though the peak power may be quite high.
The maximum peak power of the EMS265 is 1000W. The mean power may be controlled by varying the combination of the pulse repetition rate (Hz) and the pulse duration (width) (μs). In this way, the peak power can remain constant but the mean power can be varied from 33mW to 320W. This range actually covers many if not all of the effective treatment options
favoured by clinicians.

The pulse repetition rate options of the EMS265 are:
(Hz) 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 200, 400, 600 or 800
The pulse duration options of the EMS265 are:
(μs) 20, 40, 65, 100, 200 or 400

Source – Section 2.4 of Clinical Evaluation Report EMS265 Iss 5 Authors M Bowles, N Bradbury

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