120Z Dual-Channel TENS Unit

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TENS 120Z is a 2 channel electric stimulator for relief from muscular spasms, pain, and joint contracture.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, TENS, this small battery-powered machine impacts muscular pain by using electrical impulses to stimulate nerve endings under the skin, this, in turn, helps block the pain signals to the brain. A TENS machine does not cure the problem causing the pain but it can reduce the pain which can then aid the healing process.

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The 120Z has three therapy modes, Constant mode, Modulation mode & Burst mode. The unit is supplied with wires, rubber electrode pads and gel pads, it also includes adhesive tape, a belt clip, a 9V battery and a small protective case, convenient for storage and carrying.


Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 96 x 21 x 67 mm
Technical Specifications No. of channels: 2
Pulse Shape: Asymmetrical bi-phase rectangular
Amplitude: 80mA peak at 500-ohm load
Phase duration: 50-200µS
Frequency: 1 constant mode 2 -200 pulses per second
2 modulation mode 2-200 pulses per second, 2 seconds -on & 1-second rest
3 burst mode 2 bursts per second, fixed
Power source: 9V battery
Conformity: CE(MDD) FDA
Dimensions: 96 (H) x 61 (W) x 27 (D)mm
Weight: 142 gm including battery.

1 review for 120Z Dual-Channel TENS Unit

  1. Paul King

    I bought this to loan out to patients with lower back pain. It’s easy to use, small and lightweight, and not a gimmick-type device that just ‘tickles’. This unit really helps my patients manage pain. Thank you EMS

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