Anuform anal probe

The Anuform® intra-anal and intra-vaginal probe is designed to help with faecal leakage, flatulence and pain from prolapse.


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The Anuform® intra-anal and intra-vaginal probe can be used to stimulate both the anal sphincter muscles and the pelvic floor muscles to make them stonger. The probe can also be used to find out if the muscles are being contracted the way they should be.

When used with the Pericalm™ the Anuform® is designed to strengthen the users muscles. When using the probe with the Peritone it provides the user with feedback. Electrical activity in the anal sphincter muscles and pelvic floor are picked up by the Anuform® probe and the information is transmitted to the device, letting the user know how they are doing with the exercises.

Single patient and orifice use.

Benefits & Features

– Fast Stimulation of the Muscles

– Easy to Clean

– Specially Contoured for Comfort

– Stay EMG Biofeedback Results

Additional information

Dimensions 25 cm
Technical Specifications

Method of Use – Internal Suitable for – Urinary Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence Type – Re-usable

Delivery time

3 days


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