Body Ball

The exercise ball/gym ball is made out of soft elastic and filled with air. It is most commonly used in physiotherapy to help you develop your core body muscles, both in the back and abdominals, by giving you an unstable surface to exercise from and challenging your balance.

Available in 3  sizes, they support weights up to 150 kg and are ideal for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness, Pilates and other therapeutic activities.

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Body Balls are ideal for exercises in rehab and physical therapy but also provide good tool for training and increase muscle strength and endurance. Due to their versatility you can find it under various names: body ball, gymnastic ball, fit ball, pezzi boll, jump ball, Physio ball, Pilates ball, fitness ball, balance ball and exercise ball. Using the ball to exercise improves blood circulation, trains the muscles and increases stamina and coordination. It can be used even as a chair for a better posture. Sitting on a ball instead of a chair is a great way to look after your back. Try to sit on a ball for at least part of your work day, if you have a desk job, or even when watching television. When you sit on a ball, you’re forced to sit up with good posture. Also, because the ball rolls around, it keeps your body moving, which help prevent the stiffness and back pain that you can get from being too sedentary.

Have you got the right size ball?

Gym balls come in a variety of sizes. You can check with your physiotherapist before purchasing a ball to make sure you get the right size. A good guide is that when you are sitting on the ball your hips and knees should be parallel to the floor at a 90° angle and your feet should be flat on the floor.

Size guide: ball size: height ratio

45cm gym ball: 5’0″ (152cm) or shorter

55cm Gym Ball: 5’1″ – 5’6″ (155cm – 167cm)

65cm Gym Ball: 5’7″ – 6’1″ (170cm – 185cm)

75cm Gym Ball: 6’2″ (188cm) or taller

Complete Guide to Ball Exercises

Additional information

Dimensions 650750850 cm

650mm Blue, 750mm Yellow, 850mm Red

Dimensions 650 mm
Size 650mm diameter(blue), 750mm diameter(yellow), 850mm diameter(red)


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