Foot switch

The addition of accessories from our comprehensive range can expand the usefulness of a product or customise it for a specific treatment.

Our most popular options being the breathing hole for prone lying patients which are fitted as standard to our couches, footswitches to replace hand switches,  paper towel holder to keep rolls of paper to hand and of course cot sides for complete patient security.

Please call us as we are happy to make recommendations or advise on any specific requirements you may have.


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Foot switch offered in place of the standard hand control as an upgrade option, this option allows you to operate the couch effortlessly with your feet thus keeping your hands free.

Compatible with 2 and 3 section couches, Traction table and Neurology couch as single height adjustment

For height adjustment and motorised backrest then footswitch  2 is the best option and for the 50 stone couch select footswitch 3



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