Periform vaginal probe

This intra-vaginal probe can be used to treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence. To be used in conjuction with a muscle stimulator or biofeedback device.


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The Periform® is designed to treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence and can be used in three distinct ways.

The probe can be used with the muscle stimulator unit. When connected to the device, the probe delivers a gentle electric current to the users pelvic floor muscles which tones and strengthens the muscles.

Perifom® can be used in conjuction with the biofeedback device Peritone. When used in this way, the probe picks up electrical activity in the users pelvic floor muscles, the information is fed back to the device where it is displayed. The aim is to tell the user if they are contracting their muscles correctly or not.

The Periform® has been designed with a unique indicator wand, this can be used as a visual aid to teach the user correct pelvic floor exercises. When the pelvic floor exercises are completed correctly the indicator will move downwards, an upward movement indicates the exercises are being completed incorrectly. The unique indicator wand can be used by itself or with a stimulation or biofeedback device.

Single Patient Use.

Benefits & Features

– Smooth Shape

– Extension Piece Provides Greater Amplification of Pelvic Floor Movement

– Easy to Clean

Additional information

Dimensions 34 cm
Delivery time

3 days

Technical Specifications

Method of Use – Internal Suitable for – Urinary Incontinence Type – Re-usable


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