Primo self-adhesive electrodes

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Primo Self-Adhesive Electrodes for use with EMS Physio Primo stimulation units EMS860, EMS960 and EMS970

Size 50 x 50 mm

The minimum order quantity is 4 packs 

£8.75 (UK price only, please contact us via our contact form for export enquiries)



Directions for use


  1. Clean skin thoroughly prior to each application of Primo self-adhesive electrodes. Electrodes will not stick to the skin if any lotion, oil, make up etc remains on the skin.
  2. Insert the pins of the lead from the Primo unit into the electrode wire connectors.
  3. Remove the electrodes from the protective liner (do not peel the electrode by the wire) and apply firmly to the patient skin.
  4. Useful hint – moisten the skin with a damp cloth prior to applying the electrodes as this can improve the adhesion and electrode life.
  5. After treatment, lift the edge of the electrode and peel away from the patient skin.
  6. Place the electrodes on the liner and remove the lead wire by twisting and pulling at the same time.

Care and storage

  1. Between uses, store the electrodes in the resealable bag in a cool, dry place.
  2. The life of the electrodes varies depending on skin conditions, storage, amount of use, type of stimulation and stimulation site. Electrode life may be extended by adherence to the instructions above.

Important to note

  1. The electrodes are intended for single patient use only.
  2. Adhesion improves when the electrodes reach skin temperature.
  3. Do not apply to broken skin. Should a skin rash occur, discontinue use and seek further guidance if the rash continues.

Additional information


RB410 Self Adhesive electrodes 33 x 54 mm Pack of 4, RB430 Self Adhesive electrodes 50 x 50 mm Pack of 4, RB440 Self Adhesive electrodes 75 x 100 mm Pack of 4, RB450 Self Adhesive electrodes 25 mm diameter Pack of 4

For use with EMS Physio Primo stimulation units EMS860, EMS960 and EMS970
Size 50 x 50 mm
Self-adhesive - single patient use (recommended)
Quantity per pack - 4 electrodes
Maximum current 70mA

1 review for Primo self-adhesive electrodes

  1. Joan Lewis

    They lasted really well and kept the adhesion for a surprisingly long time. Nice packaging and the electrodes fit well with my combination therapy unit. I will buy these again.

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