Pulse Press Physio 12 Pro

The Physio 12 Pro is a compact yet powerful system designed to provide a clinical level of therapy.

Each Pulse Press pump comes with tubes which allow you to attach the garment to the pump and plug in for instant use. This pump is designed for use with 12 chamber garments, and an adaptor can be inserted so that 3 chamber garments can be used.

The microprocessor-controlled unit of the Physio 12 Pro never requires calibrating and as with all Pulse Press systems, in the event of a power failure mid cycle it will automatically vent the pressure in the garments to empty them of air.

The user has full control over settings which regulates the level of air pressure in the garment and also the inflation and deflation times in seconds and operates almost silently so that it provides minimal noise disruption.

There are disposable hygiene liners available which are useful for preventing cross infection if the garment is being used by more than one person, as well as this they add extra comfort.





The Physio 12 Pro takes the IPC treatment to the next level by integrating a twin cyclone compressor into the enclosure. This helps to give exceptionally fast inflation times.

Other features include the addition of a therapy timer so that predetermined treatments can be completed without the professional being present.

The very powerful compressor allows the use of a full lower body trouser garment for patients suffering from extreme lower body lymphedema.

The ‘REMOTE’ system has been designed to work with the Physio 12 Pro pump unit and allows the patient to start and stop a therapy as well as set the treatment time.

You can use 12 and 3 chamber garments with this unit

Additional information

Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 187 × 155 × 150 cm
Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 187 x 166 x 150 mm
Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 187 x 155 x 150 mm
Pressure Range 30-100mmHg
Compressor 24 – 30 Litres / min
Cycle Times 5 – 120 seconds inflation    5 – 60 seconds deflation
Therapy Time Settings 5 – 120 minutes.


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