Spectra Kompanion Knee CPM

The Spectra Kompanion knee CPM utilises the latest app-based technology to provide additional therapy modes with an intuitive tablet control.

The Spectra  Kompanion knee CPM provides anatomical alignment of the hip, knee and ankle joints, corresponding to the angle reading on the remote control display. The clear perineal area improves patient comfort.  Tablet-based touchscreen controls include range of motion, speed, pause, timer and pain sensor limits.

A muscle stimulator can also be connected to the Spectra Kompanion.

Can be used for patients as tall as 2.06m or as short as 1.1m.




  • Tablet-based touch-screen handset:
    This CPM  utilises a user-friendly touch-screen tablet, ensuring quick, intuitive set-up and controls.
  • Extensive range of exercise modes:
    Alongside the usual CPM movements of flexion, extension, pause in extension/flexion, speed, timing and laod, this CPM provides a range of additional movements including ‘spring’ mode, extremity focus mode, dynamic stretch mode and evaluation mode.
  • Patient set-up mode::
    One click and the unit will position itself at a pain-free position of 20º of flexion. (This can be adjusted).
  • Warm-up mode: The session can start at 70% of required ROM and increase at 5% until reaching the full ROM set up.
  • Spring mode: The CPM repeats the last 10% of extension and flexion 3 times before returning in the opposite direction.
  • Extremity focus mode: This CPM slows to a minimal speed during the first and last 10º of extension and flexion, working the joint for longer in the extremes of range.
  • Dynamic stretch mode: For patients struggling to reach their full extension, the CPM will gradually extend the knee with pauses in between each position.
  • Evaluation mode:The CPM has 3 levels of active resistance exercise to help to test and evaluate the patient’s rehab progress. (The patient actively resists the device using their quadricep muscles).
  • Patient evaluation:By utilising the latest software, the patient’s progress and performance can be monitored. This can be remotely accessed via the Kinetec Kompanion™ professional tablet.
  • Patient contact and monitoring:The healthcare professional can monitor and link with their patient utilising the video link on the app. This is ideal for keeping contact and ensuring optimal use and benefit of the exercises.
  • Protocol optimisation:The device can easily be programmed to set up the optimal programmes for the patients.
  • Proven Spectra chassis design:The CPM device utilises the proven, market-leading Kinetec Spectra™ chassis, ensuring patient comfort and easy set-up.
  • Latest wireless technology:The device has a Wifi connection for remote access by the healthcare professional and the tablet connects with the CPM via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  • Robust tablet protector:The tablet is supplied with the latest protector to guard against damage.
  • Wipe Clean PU pads: This model is supplied with wipe-clean PU pads that can be wiped with standard anti-bacterial products between patients, offering a safe, cost-effective solution for using the device with multiple patients.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1090 × 330 × 350 cm
Technical Specifications

Range of Motion Extension Flexion • Knee -3° 130° • Hip 8° 80° • Ankle Plantar flexion 40° Dorsiflexion 30° Internal rotation 30° External rotation 30° Specification • Patient height 112cm to 206cm • Speed from 50°/minute to 220°/minute • Weight 15kg • Length 109cm. Width 33cm. Height 35cm • Voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60Hz • Electrical power 60VA Safety Features • The patient can stop and reverse the unit at any time • The movement reverses if the load is excessive • Type B class 1 device Digital Adjustment • Electrical stimulation capabilities • Session time control • Reverse on load function

Delivery time

21 days

Weight 12kg
Dimensions 1090 x 330 x 350 mm
Technical Specifications
  • Range of Motion Extension Flexion
  • Knee -10° to 120°
  •  Patient sizes Full leg 71 to 99cm Tibia 38 to 53cm Femur 33 to 46 cm
  • Can be used for paediatrics with paediatric footplate option
  • Weight 12kg
  • Voltage from 100 to 240 volts,  Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Electrical power 20W
  • Electrical Device type B Class 1  IP 20
  • Electrical stimulation capabilities
  • Session time control
  • Reverse on load function
  • Maximum user weight 135kg
Delivery time 14 days


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