RENT Primo Radial Shockwave Therapy Unit

Not sure about purchasing a Primo Radial Shockwave Therapy Unit? Now you can rent a unit instead…

We offer the Primo Radial Shockwave Therapy Unit for hire for a minimum period of three months. This time will allow you to treat more conditions, get fantastic treatment outcomes, and as a result, increase your clinic income. We will service it annually and there is some other ‘small print information on our hire form that you should read. 

We offer manufacturer training as standard so that you can feel confident in the use of radial shockwave therapy  to treat and heal those more tricky MSK conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis,  lateral epicondylitis, and many more.

How do you rent a unit from EMS Physio Ltd?

3 easy steps! 

  1. Compete the rental agreement form online. Click here ONLINE HIRE FORM
  2.  EMS Physio will contact you to arrange to set up the monthly standing order in advance
  3.  EMS Physio will arrange delivery of a rental unit and book your initial manufacturer training session. 


What if you want to BUY the unit?

At some point, you may decide that you would rather own the unit than rent it. 

 You will have the 3-month HIRE fee deducted from the sale price and for a cash or lease settlement price, you keep the unit.


To talk with a team member about rental, lease or cash purchase options use our contact form or call during office hours on 01235 772272

Please note the rental of equipment from EMS Physio is for professional use only and for use by a qualified practitioner

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